Coaching Skills

Workshop Aims:

  • To explore how coaching can be used to motivate, develop and improve the performance of individuals and teams;
  • To develop and build practical coaching skills and techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course attendees will have:

  • Discovered the value of using coaching in the workplace
  • Learnt how to apply coaching models, styles and techniques
  • Practiced coaching skills


  • The importance of coaching in the workplace;
  • Tips for identifying when coaching is needed;
  • Training v Coaching;
  • Using the GROW Model;
  • Coaching skills;
  • Coaching skills practice using GROW;
  • Coaching styles: the options;
  • Coaching structure – good practice;
  • The benefits of coaching – to you, your team, and your organisation;
  • Planning a coaching assignment.

Workshop Style:

The style of the programme is highly participative. The session includes skills practice sessions where participants have the opportunity to both receive and give coaching using the skills we discuss on the workshop. Those attending will also have the opportunity to participate in group discussions, various exercises and planning sessions to consolidate the key learning points.

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