Appraisal Skills

Workshop Aim:

To equip people with the skills needed to prepare for and conduct an effective Appraisal interview and to learn how to apply these skills with their own team members.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course attendees will have:

  • Discovered the purpose and benefits of appraisals;
  • Learnt how to plan, prepare, structure and deliver an effective appraisal meeting;
  • Considered the skills, styles and techniques to apply in any given situation.


  • Why do we have appraisals?
  • The benefits of appraisals;
  • Appraisal systems (online and paper) – how to use them to the best effect;
  • How to plan, prepare and structure for an effective appraisal;
  • How to open the meeting to get things off to a good start;
  • Appraisal interviewing skills;
  • Four appraisal interviewing styles – which is best?
  • Giving constructive feedback;
  • Skills Practice;
  • How to agree and use SMART objectives;
  • How to conclude the meeting positively;
  • Planning your appraisal meetings.

Workshop Style:

This Workshop is interactive and will help to develop skills that can be implemented after the workshop.  We will be using exercises, skills practices and discussions.  And for fun, extracts from Video Arts Performance Review DVD will be shown to illustrate key learning points.

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