Objective Setting & Feedback Workshop

A half-day Workshop for managers and team leaders who need to get the best performance from their staff.

Two of the most challenging tasks for any manager, team leader or supervisor are the ability to agree meaningful and challenging SMART objectives with staff, and to give constructive feedback on their performance. In this workshop, we will give you the know-how, skills and confidence to do just that.

Workshop Aim:

"To equip participants with the skills and techniques to agree SMART objectives with staff and to provide them with constructive feedback on their performance.”

Here’s what you will learn on the Workshop:

• The benefits of using SMART objectives;

• How to format a SMART objective;

• Exercise to practice writing SMART objectives;

• Critiquing your own objectives;

• Giving feedback – different methods (pros and cons);

• The 7 Golden Rules for giving feedback;

• Structuring feedback using the EEC model;

• Team exercise – giving constructive feedback.

We also recommend a post-course one-to-one coaching session to help you to produce good quality SMART objectives and to give constructive feedback in the workplace.  

To book, email annette.handford@hja-consulting.com

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