Do you have effective managers?

People are often promoted to management or team leaders positions with very little training on how to be effective in this role.  At HJA we have devised a range of specialist programmes to impart managers with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to lead and manage effectively.   We are proud to provide practical and useful training that can be applied the next day.

All of our workshops are available as one-day programmes.  The list below is available in two types of programmes:

1.  Open Workshops

We book a venue in a nice location, provide the food and the handouts and invite people from different organisations to attend.  In this way, you will meet people from different companies and be able to talk openly about the issues in your organisation and learn from those attending from other businesses other than your own.

2.  In-house Workshops

We can deliver the workshop of your choice at your premises at a competitive rate.  This normally works out cost effective if you have five or more people needing training in the same subject.  The workshop can be tailored to suit your specific needs and so will be very relevant to those attending.


Our Management Training Workshops:

The style of all our workshops is highly interactive and include a variety of group exercises, case studies and some include top-rated DVD materials designed to support learning. The vast majority of our workshops will conclude with an element of skills practice activity to consolidate learning and ensure that the messages of the programme are immediately transferrable to the workplace.

To ensure successful and maximum implementation of the messages from the workshop and to help apply the training to real life scenarios, we offer all clients an optional coaching session 4-6 weeks after your training day.

To discuss your company’s management training needs contact us or call 01235 531341 for a no obligation meeting and proposal.

To discuss your company’s management development or business development needs call 01235 531 341 or 07860 700 575 for a no obligation meeting and proposal