Staff Surveys

Staff Surveys are fabulous as a vehicle for helping to work towards making your organisation a great place to work. Surveys can be short or long and coupled with staff focus groups, will help you to identify what your people think of you as an employer and what they think needs to be done to make your organisation the place where people look forward to coming to work. The real outcome will be your people having the ability and motivation to achieve what your business needs them to; in short getting the best performance from your people.

Our Partner

We partner with Obeden to run our surveys.

Our Expert

As a former Investors in People practitioner, Annette can help your business develop a planned approach to setting and communicating its business objectives and developing people to map onto those objectives.  Annette has many years of analysing Staff Survey data, facilitating focus groups and providing insightful feedback and recommendations to help you on your way.  You will be left with a useful action plan which, when implemented, will help you to retain your best people and attract the best candidates.

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